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“....An honest, sharp, capable, and winning attorney..."

If you are researching attorneys and/or are considering using Fay's services, I would like to state the following as a record of my experience from beginning to end.

When I first called Fay Arfa, she was willing to give me objective advice and her expert opinion with regard to my case. She gave me great information and verbal assistance over the phone without EVER asking any deposit, payment, or even mentioning a fee. Most lawyers behave in the opposite fashion. Fay was willing to help me think things out before ever talking about money.

Later when I finally decided to use her services, she fought very hard for me. Fay did the things that a good lawyer OUGHT to do rather than cutting corners to save money etc. She never bowed down to the prosecutor in order to preserve any relationship, she never gave up in the fight for my case in order to make things easier or to preserve some relationship with the prosecution or the DA.

While every case is different, I must certainly mention: My case was originally filed as a Felony with the threat of six years incarceration. After Fay was finished with my case, it was reduced to a Misdemeanor with community service (no jail time). She was able to see the absurdity in the prosecution's effort to make a case out of nothing and try and put more innocent people under the heels of our dictatorial criminal regime which sucks money out of taxpayers' pockets and keeps well- meaning citizens behind bars or "in the system" while true criminals walk the streets.

If you are looking for an honest, sharp, capable, and winning attorney, I would talk to Fay Arfa about your case. I would recommend her to any friend, loved one, or anyone who needs a great attorney.

– Anonymous

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