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Accused of a Sex Crime – Do’s And Don’t

DO:   Hire a Specialized Lawyer Immediately

Check out the lawyer you want to hire. The attorney should have been vetted for excellence in sex offenses. For example, Attorney Fay Arfa has been selected as a sustaining member of the National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center. She has successfully defended many child abuse cases and has been a featured speaker at child sexual abuse seminars. She specializes in sex offenses.

DO:   Prepare a TimeLine

Do a timeline in writing. Start from day 1 and go through the present in as much detail as possible. DO NOT share your timeline with anyone except your lawyer.

DO:   Prepare a Witness List.

Start compiling a witness list including people's name, addresses, phone information, as well as their employment, and a brief biography. You may wish to prepare two witness lists. One could be a list of witnesses who could testify about your good character. A second list could be of witnesses who can prove you did not commit a crime.


  1. Your Criminal History;
  2. Honorable Discharge and Military Records;
  3. Education Records;
  4. Work History
  5. Family and/or other photographs

DON'T: Talk about your case to anyone, especially the police, except your lawyer

DON'T: Contact your accuser, their family, or any prosecution witnesses.

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