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May 29, 2012


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WESTMINSTER - A detention center officer at the Seal Beach City Jail was convicted and sentenced today for accepting bribes, including an iPad and money, in exchange for allowing an inmate prohibited contraband and visitor contacts. Jose Alday, 33, Santa Ana, pleaded guilty to one felony count of an officer receiving bribes, one felony count of possession for sale of a controlled substance, and one misdemeanor count of possession of controlled substance paraphernalia. He was sentenced to two years in state prison, $3,000 in restitution, is forever disqualified from holding any public office or employment, including law enforcement, in the State of California, and was ordered to forfeit his employment at the Seal Beach City Jail.

At the time of the crime, Alday had worked as a non-sworn detention center officer at the Seal Beach City Jail for approximately four years.

Between July 1, 2011, and Dec. 25, 2011, Alday accepted bribes from an inmate on multiple occasions while working in his official capacity. The defendant allowed unsearched visitors to enter the jail to have unauthorized contact with this inmate. He allowed prohibited contraband, including alcohol, to be brought into the jail for the inmate. These crimes occurred while Alday was working alone and other officers were not present.

In exchange for allowing and facilitating the unauthorized visits and contraband, Alday received bribes including money, an iPad, a cell phone, two leather jackets, and other items.  These items were brought to the defendant by the inmate’s visitors.

The Seal Beach Police Department (SBPD) received a tip in December 2011 and began investigating this case. Alday was arrested Dec. 25, 2011, by SBPD while at work.

At the time of his arrest, the defendant was in possession of a substantial amount of anabolic steroids at the jail. During a subsequent search of the defendant’s home, Alday was in possession of a used methamphetamine pipe.


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